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‘Teaching’, is one of the most respectable professions in world. On one hand you get an opportunity to serve others and on the other, you develop and enhance your own skills.

Thus, it is considered as one of the noblest pursuits all across the globe. If you feel that you are potent enough to mold the students of today into successful men and women of future, then Championtutor provides you an opportunity to work as a home tutor.

Apply today by clicking on the link to register to be a home tutor. Fill up the Home Tutor Application form now. Get your profile created and enable us to assist pairing you with the students, who require your services.

We help you find best Tuition Assignments.

Championtutor recognizes the worth of this exciting, crucial and highly rewarding job by providing an assortment of ‘tuition assignments’ to the home tutors. We help you to gain employment with a number of students (as you feel comfortable with) to fit into your schedule. Our aim is to make excellent matches between home tutors and students.

For those, who are really seeking some better tuition assignments as per their availability and qualification, it’s the right time to join Championtutor. Your earning potential is unlimited as we proffer access to hundreds of students who are in dire need of your expertise. But, we make sure that you can set a dependable schedule with number of students and hours of your choice.

How to apply for Tuition Assignments at ChampionTutor?

Nowadays there have been observed an abrupt rise in the demand for home tutors. And this profession has become more stable and secure in terms of employment. So, what are you waiting for? Apply today by filling out the Home Tutor Application form and become a tutor as per your schedule, either full time or part time.

Tuition Assignments

You will get enormous opportunities at our Facebook Page, providing the latest tuition assignments covering the total island of Singapore. Here, you will get the tutee level, address, subject/topic, frequency details, gender specification (if any) and other important information of the assignment.

Interested to join us, like our Facebook Page to get the tuition assignments posted directly on your Facebook Wall! Check the tuition assignments given; pick the one which appeals you the most and click the ‘map’ provided. If the location, price and other factors are as per your choice you can apply to them.

Championtutor proffer you complete freedom to specialize in the particular area of teaching. Putting efforts to bring rewards to both teacher and the students, we tend to simplify the process of teaching and learning together.

We assure you that joining our tuition agency will prove to be a very smart move towards a secure and bright career!

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Offer DateJob IDLocationLevelSubjectLessonHourBudget  
10/03/2018C711668208A Punggol Place (Map)Primary 1English Maths11.5NegdetailApply Now!
2018-03-10 11:39:41C711668208A Punggol Place 821208 (Map)Primary 1English Maths11.5NegdetailApply Now!
2018-03-09 17:36:08C71166679 Pasir Ris Grove 518209 (Map)P5English11.5NegdetailApply Now!
2018-03-10 10:41:20C711665771 Bedok Reservoir View 470771 (Map)Primary 4Maths21NegdetailApply Now!
2018-03-10 11:39:31C711663208A Punggol Place 821208 (Map)Primary 1Chinese11NegdetailApply Now!
2018-03-09 01:50:24C711662805B Keat Hong Close 682805 (Map)P1Maths21.525-30/hrdetailApply Now!
2018-03-08 19:38:23C711661201B Punggol Field 822201 (Map)P4Maths11.5$20/hrdetailApply Now!
2018-03-09 10:14:03C711660204D Punggol Field 824204 (Map)Primary 5English, Science12NegdetailApply Now!
2018-03-07 22:58:24C711659459 Pasir Ris Drive 4 510459 (Map)Primary 6Chinese, Maths21.5NegdetailApply Now!
2018-03-08 14:17:24C711658Teban Gardens Road 600022 (Map)Primary 2Chinese11.5$30-35/hrdetailApply Now!
2018-03-07 14:34:10C711657PAVILION RISE 653418 (Map)S4 (express)Physics12NegdetailApply Now!
2018-03-07 14:16:47C711656152 Lorong 2 Toa Payoh 310152 (Map)Secondary 3Chemistry11.5NegdetailApply Now!
2018-03-08 14:47:40C711655642 Jurong West Street 61 640642 (Map)Pre-schoolEnglish11.5$30/hrdetailApply Now!
2018-03-07 12:41:56C711654Cantoment Close (Map)P6English Maths Science12NegdetailApply Now!
2018-03-07 13:51:12C711651220 Yishun Street 21 760220 (Map)Secondary 2English, Chinese, Maths12.5detailApply Now!
2018-03-07 13:54:54C711649631 Choa Chu Kang North 6 680631 (Map)Primary 6English, Maths21.5NegdetailApply Now!
2018-03-05 13:56:02C71164868 Bayshore Road 469986 (Map)Secondary 2English 11.5NegdetailApply Now!
2018-03-03 10:57:52C71163811 Lorong 8 Toa Payoh 310011 (Map)Primary 6Science11.5NegdetailApply Now!
2018-03-02 14:51:36C711634602 Senja Road 670602 (Map)Primary 2Chinese & Maths21.5NegdetailApply Now!
2018-03-02 15:55:47C711633207 Tampines Street 21 520207 (Map)Primary 6English, Maths21.5NegdetailApply Now!
2018-03-02 13:03:33C711632107 Teck Whye Lane 680107 (Map)Secondary 4Elementary Maths AND/OR Principal of Accounting21.5NegdetailApply Now!

What to do if you do not receive any offer from us?

Here are the suggestions (and have you completed all these?) :

  • Visit and Like our Facebook Page for instant update of tuition assignments. Apply for the tuition assignments through the website if you do not receive instant job alert from us. Our consultants will contact you if you are shortlisted.

  • Update Your Profile: Provide us with more details about yourself in 'Self Description', 'Proven Track Record' and 'Academic Achievement' section. Remember to update your profile frequently!

  • Upload Your Photo: Having a friendly and professional profile picture leaves a good impression on the parents. Your chance of being selected will definitely be higher. First Impression Counts!

  • Become a verified tutor! We would prefer to recommend our verified tutors to the parents. Of course, they do expect us to check the qualifications of our tutors. Due to the reason, we are strict in verifying the qualifications of our tutors. Please also note that only verified tutor will receive tuition assignments from us.

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