Track Software Inc. Case Study

Running Head: TRACK SOFTWARE, INC. Track Software, Inc. Case Study a. 1.) Stanley seems to be focusing on the financial goal of receiving cash in a timelier manner. I think that Stanley is focusing on the correct goal of bringing in cash faster because the company is having trouble paying its bills on time. Paying late could result in additional interest being charged to Track Software, Inc. and increasing expenses is not something the corporation would want to do since it already has a high amount of debt. 2.) I do not think that an agency problem exists in this corporation because Stanley is worried about generating cash flow to investors, which shows that he is worried about their financial gains from the corporation. Furthermore, Stanley is trying to increase sales and make the corporation more profitable, which would increase the corporation’s stock prices and, in turn, increase the dividends paid to stockholders. Since both Stanley and the stockholders share the same interest in making the corporation more profitable, there is not an agency problem within the corporation.

A secure, online dashboard for managing insurance certificate and contract documents, data and compliance.

Case Study: Third Party Administrator Automates COI Management

At the heart of claims subrogation is a current, complete database of vendor certificates of insurance, contracts, and corresponding data. Our TPA clients utilize SmartCompliance to bring complete document and data management in house and paperless for efficient claims processing, and even utilize our broker and license management modules for employee compliance.

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What are the benefits of using SmartCompliance?


Eliminate Manual Data Entry

Our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology automatically scans your uploaded ACORD forms, transcribes the information, and compares it to your customized risk templates to determine vendor compliance. Our OCR capabilities save users valuable time and money by replacing tedious manual data entry and comparison.



Enhance Internal and External Communications

Build communication templates for quicker correspondence, set automatic notifications, send document requests, receive documents, and keep track of communications received and read.



Maintain Data Security & Privacy

Your data is available only to those with authorized access. System administrators can also set specific rules and limitations to each user’s access and viewing capabilities and monitor all activity within the system.



Generate Reports & Improve Productivity

Generate analysis and feedback on all system activity, employee productivity, erroneous data and more. Export and download all reports in PDF or Excel format or email them as an attachment.



Manage Compliance In-House with User Support

Our web-based system gives users complete administrative control for certificate of insurance tracking so that we are needed as little as possible. No installation nor extensive user training is necessary, however our live support team is always available for troubleshooting. In addition, monthly updates to the software are based on user requests and feedback.

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