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In recognition of your commitment to helping others through practice of a medical profession, we at National CPR Association invite you to join our Healthcare Training Scholarship Plan to aid you in your endeavors to become a qualified professional in your chosen field.

To that end, we shall be awarding a $2,000 scholarship to the author of the winning essay and one (1) complimentary pass each to the CPR Certification program of their choice, valued at $275, to the second and third place winners. All three winning entries shall be posted on the National CPR Association’s website.


Writing Your Essay

We are looking for a 500-1000 word essay with a focus on your personal thoughts and feelings. Tell us what you think about the possibility that you may be required to perform CPR on someone to save their life – how will you handle the situation, and what kind of preparation will you undertake to ensure you are ready for and up to the task? If you have been involved already in a lifesaving scenario, we would like to read about that as well – include as many specifics as possible and relate your feelings and thoughts about the incident.

Expert knowledge of CPR is neither required not expected, since you may not have yet received training in this lifesaving procedure. Instead, we will be focused on the clarity and cohesion of your message, its sincerity and persuasiveness, and how effective it is judged to be at getting your point across.


How to Enter

You should type and save your entry in Micrososft Word as a .doc or .docx file, named using your last name, first initial, and name of your learning institution (for example, WOODARD_J_HARVARD.docx)

Attach the file to an email with the subject line “CPR ESSAY CONTEST ENTRY” and include the following in the body of the email:

  • Full name
  • Contact Information (Home Address; Email Address and Telephone number)
  • Name of School
  • Type of Program

Submit your entry via email to no later than 11:59 PM PST on December 20, 2018.


Eligible Participants

Anyone enrolled in a college program (under graduate or graduate track) can enter; we are specifically hoping to see entries from students enrolled in programs or courseware in the following fields:

  • Dental School
  • Emergency Medical Technician Program
  • Medical College
  • Nursing School
  • Paramedic Program
  • Pharmacy College
  • Respiratory Therapy Program

Employees of National CPR Association and our affiliates, and employee relatives up to the third degree of consanguinity are prohibited from joining this contest.


  • All entries submitted become the sole property of National CPR Association
  • Proof of course enrollment may be requested prior to awarding the scholarship and other prizes to the winners
  • Only submit one entry, Duplicate submissions will disqualify entrants.
  • Void where prohibited by law.



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Imagine finding your child pulse less and not breathing. What a terrifying thought! Would you know how to save your child’s life? The number of parents that do not know CPR is astounding. Simply knowing CPR could make a dramatic difference in the lives of you and your loved ones.

To perform CPR, first you must establish unresponsiveness. Try tapping the child and speaking loudly, to provoke a response. Once unresponsiveness has been determined, if you are alone, you should shout for help. Then provide basic life support for approximately one minute before going to call 911. If a second person arrives, send him or her to call the ambulance.

The next step is to open the airway. Place two or three fingers under each side of the jaw, at its angle. Lift the jaw upward and outward. If this alone does not open the airway, slightly tilt the child’s head. Check for signs of breathing by using the look, listen, and feel method. Also, check for anything that may be blocking the airway. If something is visible, remove it.

Continue by giving two slow breaths, one to one and a half seconds per breath. Watch for the chest to rise, and allow for exhalation between breaths. Check for a pulse. The carotid artery, on the side of the neck, is the easiest and most accessible. If breathing remains absent, but a pulse is present, provide rescue breathing, rescue breathing is one breath every three seconds.

If no pulse is present, give five chest compressions. To achieve effective compressions, the child should be supine on a hard, flat surface. Use one hand to maintain the position of the head. With the other hand, use two fingers to trace the lower margin of the rib cage. Find where the ribs and sternum meet, avoid doing compressions in that notch. Place the heel of your hand over the lower half in the sternum, between the nipple line and the notch. Compress the chest approximately one to one and a half inches. Follow the compressions with one slow breath.

After about one minute of CPR, check the pulse. If you are alone, now is the time to place your call to 911.

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If the call has already been placed, and the child remains pulse less, continue to give CPR in 5:1 cycles. At anytime the child resumes effective breathing, place him or her in a comfortable position and remain calm until the ambulance arrives.

Finally, by no means should this be considered a substitute for proper training. Classes are very affordable, and often free. Contact your local fire department or hospital about classes offered in your area. CPR is a skill that is never too late to be learned.

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