Alan Watts Essays And Lectures

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
Editors’ Preface

Introduction: Alan Watts and the Academic Enterprise
Peter J. Columbus and Donadrian L. Rice

Part I: Language and Mysticism

1. On the Meaning and Relation of Absolute and Relative (1950)

2. The Negative Way (1951)

3. The Language of Metaphysical Experience: The Sense of Non-Sense (1953)

4. On Philosophical Synthesis (1953)

5. Philosophy beyond Words (1975)

Part II: Buddhism and Zen

6. The Problem of Faith and Works in Buddhism (1941).

7. Zen (1948)

8. The Way of Liberation in Zen Buddhism (1955)

9. Beat Zen, Square Zen, and Zen (1958)

10. Zen and Politics (1962)

11. Prefatory Essay to Suzuki’s Outlines of Mahayana Buddhism (1963)

Part III: Christianity

12. Theologia Mystica (1944)

13. The Case for God (1946)

14. The Meaning of Priesthood (1946)

15. The Christian Doctrine of Marriage (1946)

Part IV: Comparative Religion

16. Worship in Sacrament and Silence (1964/1971)

17. Western Mythology: Its Dissolution and Transformation (1970)

18. The Future of Religion (1970)

19. Unity in Contemplation (1974)

Part V: Psychedelics

20. The Individual as Man/World (1963)

21. A Psychedelic Experience: Fact or Fantasy? (1964) 

22. Psychedelics and Religious Experience (1968) 

23. Ordinary Mind is the Way (1971) 

Part VI: Psychology and Psychotherapy

24. Asian Psychology and Modern Psychiatry (1953)

25. Convention, Conflict, and Liberation: Further Observations on Asian Psychology and Modern Psychiatry (1956)

26. Eternity as the Unrepressed Body (1959)

27. Oriental and Occidental Approaches to the Nature of Man (1962)

28. The Woman in Man (1963) 

29. An Interview with Alan Watts (with Philip D. Ungerer) (1969)

30. Psychotherapy and Eastern Religion: Metaphysical Bases of Psychiatry (1974)          

Appendix A
List of Contributors

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