Lesson 6 Homework Practice Construct Functions Of Blood


1. Trace the path of a RBC delivering O2 from the lungs, to the heart and body tissues.

2. Compare RBC to other cells (neurons, for example) contrasting their similarities and differences (RBC have no nuclei or mitochondria, live a short time due to inability to replace worn out parts; neurons don't divide but have a nucleus, mitochondria, etc.) Compare normal RBC to sickle celled shaped ones using slides or pictures. List reasons why the RBC shape is advantageous? How does the sickle cell shape limit surface area and transport of oxygen? Construct a normal and abnormal RBC using modeling clay, pipecleaners, beads, etc. Include hemoglobin, oxygen, iron atom in model.

3. For fun, try Dracula's Dinner experiment to show how alteration of RBC shape impairs movement through capillaries.


Test Your Knowledge

1.Red blood cells don't have mitochondria or a ____________.

2. The red blood cell's _______________shape provides increased surface area for oxygen transport.

3. Red blood cells use the protein __________________ to transport oxygen.

4. _________________ is a genetic disease that causes the red blood cell to change its shape and impair oxygen transport.

5. Factors that affect hemoglobin's release of oxygen to body cells are ______________, _____________, and ____________.

1. nucleus 2. biconcave 3. hemoglobin 4. sickle cell anemia 5. temperature, blood acidity, other chemicals.

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