Case Study 35 Deluxe Corporation Groton

Summary Deluxe Corporation is the dominant player in check-printing industry. In the past, its sales increased at a compound annual rate of 12% and occupied 49% market share in US. However, new forms of payments encroached on the demand of check-printing industry. The demand for printing check falls at 1% to 3% annually. The core business of Deluxe faces a big challenge. In the late summer, Singh, the retained by Deluxe’s board of directors was designated to submit a plan for the new round of debt issuing. It’s certain that someday in the future the company may struggle to survive. In order to deal with bad situation in the future, Deluxe must maintain financial flexibility and lower its cost of capital by changing into appropriate capital structure. There are three alternatives in this case. They are issuing bond at AA, A and BBB rating. And in each situation, we get the lowest WACC. In the implementation, we decide to issue bonds at rating BBB. Problem Statement Deluxe Corporation will face a big challenge for its core business which means that the company would struggle to survive in the future. There is a new round of issuing debt at hand which may help Deluxe to relieve some pressure for the future. This new debt could help increase financial flexibility and change capital structure which produces lowest cost of capital. So the key issue here is : what’s the best debt policy for Deluxe corporation?

Go in work, manager will let us know which section of the plant we will work at.
No good diversity of changing sections. You're basically stuck at the same section in the plant until they feel like moving you (rarely)
Terrible workers to work with, when people train you, they wont teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about the job, they will withhold some key information, just so you dont take over their position and POSSIBLY do a better job than them.
Machines are old and always breaking down
People are quick to blame machine operators operating their machine that breaks down
Stressful when production level is low which is every other day.
Most enjjoyable part was when other operators' machines were down and we were allowed to loligag around.
Cameras everywhere. Its sort of unnerving.


Allowed to wear sneakers / shorts. Bring any drinks into the plant, with a cap on* or soda can is fine too.


No potential job advancement growth, everyone is stuck where they are.

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