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7366 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA90036
(323) 933-0383

This is the real deal if you like modern and vintage American modern design. The products are first class, extremely well-built here in Los Angeles by craftsman that are paid a real wage and are provided with full insurance benefits, so when you purchase from Modernica, you can be assured that the products come from the United States, and are well worth the price point. That fact makes a big difference to me. The sales assistant, Athena was really cool, courteous and straightforward with no sales pressure whatsoever, she also provided some excellent design ideas. I purchased a Nelson bubble lamp and Equinox Tripod Floor Lamp, and will be purchasing a bench and chair there as well. Parking is easy in the back behind the building.

Products sell themselves. With that being said, I was disappointed with a staff member who seemed to be put off by my presence in the showroom and offered little help. What a shame to make a customer feel unwelcome. Next time I would rather order online than deal with that.

Even I corrected their mistake 3 times, they sent me a wrong quantity of items. I made a phone call to the staff to talk about this and she told me that she had a dental appointment at the day of delivery. What? It cannot be an excuse. Be professional! And please double check the numbers or simply check out your customers emails. Horrible!

Came in for a planter. Not the friendliest or helpful customer service considering the showroom was empty, but luckily I was on a mission and knew exactly what I wanted. Very mid-century modern inspired.

Worth the drive! If you're shopping for Case Study fiberglass chairs and live within 100 miles, do yourself a favor and drive yourself to the showroom. You'll be amazed at how some of the colors look in person, and I'm glad I did vs shopping online. Kerrie was super helpful from initial phone call through final sale...very friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating! They seem to have rectified their customer service issues because I was VERY well taken care of. I will be back for ceramics, which are simply beautiful. Make a day of it and you will be handsomely rewarded! Park in the back for free.

Bit overwhelming if you do not know what you are looking for. Otherwise a nice showroom of modern pieces from established designers. Wish they had more Danish representation.

Walked into the store and was ignored by the only worker walking around. Workers are not really educated on mid-century furniture and have a hard time answering simple questions. Free parking in the back was the best experience for me at the showroom.

So much fun, I felt like I was on the East coast and not in LA. So many wonderful treasures in one place‼

I have been in their showroom a few times when I lived in Los Angeles and ordered fabric from them for some refinishing projects but after my last order I will not do business with them again. Here is the breakdown of what happened: 3/21: I ordered a cyclone dining table through one of their dealers, was given a 4 weak lead time 5/14: I finally received the shipment (8 weeks after ordered). I opened the package and the base of the table had paint chipped off down to the bare metal. The box was not damaged but the base was packed poorly so it looks like it rubbed against the box while in transit. Not a big deal so I contacted them for a replacement. 5/29: After waiting another 2 weeks I received the replacement base. This one was packed better, but when I removed all the packaging there was a chip in the base that someone tried to touch up with a paint that didn't match. It was so sloppy I was annoyed that they thought someone wouldn't notice. I also didn't appreciate paying full price for a damaged item. I contact them again and sent pictures; they tell me they will send another replacement. This will now be 2, 80-pound bases I have had to try and repack and wait for the carrier to pick up. 6/16: Now another 2 weeks (12 weeks total from the order date) I receive the third table base. Everything looks great so I attach the top. As I'm wiping the top I hear a scratching metal sound and notice the table is wobbling. I look down at the base and the special bolts that attach the pillar to the base are not pushed in all the way. These are u-drive screws that require special tools to insert so I couldn't just fix it myself. Now I was very annoyed and contacted them since they had promised it would be inspected by quality control and packed well before being sent to me. I found a local shop that said they could fix the base for $75 so I contacted Modernica again and asked what they were going to do about this, either offer me a discount and I would fix myself or I would just return the table all together. I never hear back from them, but instead the dealer I purchased the table from said they could offer me a $100 credit. I didn't want to deal with this anymore so I took the credit, got the table fixed and could finally be done with this company. There is obviously a quality control issue and the customer service is lacking to say the least. This was the first "knockoff" piece of furniture I've ever purchased and I have definitely learned my lesson. I guess you really do have to pay the ridiculous amounts charged by Knoll and Herman Miller if you want a quality product.

This review is for an order I placed online via Modernica's website. I needed a small side table, and decided to indulge a bit. I'd always ogled the Eames Case Study storage unit, and decided that I'd order a custom design via Modernica. The "design your own" function on the website could benefit from a little user interface finessing, but overall it was pretty straightforward to design the unit online and then work with a Modernica rep to ensure all the design elements were correct. The woman I worked with - Kerri - was so nice and professional throughout the entire process. She answered all the questions I had in a timely fashion. My experience with Modernica's customer service was great. Though it's noted on Modernica's site that it can take 4-6 weeks to have a custom storage unit built and delivered, it only took a few weeks to get mine delivered. It arrived packaged incredibly securely, and is a gorgeous piece of furniture. While it certainly wasn't a bargain, it is well-made and I look forward to having it around for many years to come.

I've popped into Modernica since the late 90s and I am never disappointed. It's the sort of business that is hard not to love, especially now that they're the only ones doing legit fiberglass Eames shell chairs. Ever seen those plastic Herman Miller joints? Awful. In around 1998, I gave a friend a ride to the downtown factory and the owner gave us a tour of the whole space, from manufacturing to their amazing store of mid-century props available for rent. Flash forward 13 years. I've been looking for some chairs for my dinner table, which has led to me stopping by the showroom on occasional Saturdays to see what color shells they have in stock. Carrie is always passionate and knowledgeable, willing to get into a heavy discussion on color and composition and all that fun stuff, at the drop of a hat. Keep in mind that I've never bought anything from her. Cool, right? Today, en route home from meetings on the Westside, I stopped in to the Beverly showroom and recognized the chap who gave me a tour of the factory over a decade before: Jay Novak. He was warm and welcoming, showing me new items around the showroom and displaying the kind of passion that inspires someone to undertake the kind of (wildly successful) experiment that Modernica is. I asked about some pillows, and it turned out that only the ones on a rack (ok, in a Modernica storage unit) were on sale, marked down to $39 from $100. Jay noticed that I was having trouble finding two that worked together, and generously offered to extend the discount to ANY pillow in the store. (not the new ones, of course, but any of the older style they were moving away from) I wound up walking with some awesome wool hopsack pillows for my sofa (pea green and teal) for a hundred bucks round trip! Talk about satisfied customer!! And as I was driving home, I realized that this kind of customer service is simply part of the Modernica experience. They mounted a Nelson Bubble Lamp I bought on craigslist onto a floor stand for almost nothing and did the work while I waited. In the oversaturated MidCentury market of Los Angeles, it is comforting to know that firms like Modernica are still willing to go the extra yard to keep customers happy. I'll be back for sure. :)

Amazing showroom located on Beverly. Really nice and peaceful inside with multiple rooms for you to roam through. I love the random collections they have, but was mostly attracted to the Herman Miller chairs. I wish they werent priced for Sheikhs and Oil giants, though... $4,500 for a lounger? $2,000 for a honeycomb fruit plate? Are you kidding me? I appreciate art and architecture and everything unique and one-of-a-kind, but in today's economy... even THAT is too much.

I've been coveting a papa bear chair for years now, but after failing to find a reasonably priced vintage original, I decided to find a quality reproduction, as close to the original specifications as possible. I literally spent months researching companies and visiting furniture showrooms, but they all fell short. Either their chair's construction and materials were not very good, or it seemed as if I was looking at their chairs through a funhouse mirror; the proportions were way off. I was largely discouraged and almost gave up, until I found Modernica. I live on the east coast, so I could not visit their LA showroom, but I called and spoke directly with Kerri, who answered all of my questions and put my fears to rest. I finally placed the order online, and then 8 weeks later, the papa bear chair arrived, boxed and bubble wrapped like nothing I'd ever seen! The chair looks as good as I had hoped, and it's even more comfortable than I was expecting. I had sat in a few original chairs at high priced furniture stores, but Modernica's version is even more firm and supportive than the ones from Denmark! Also, the frame is solid as a rock, and it's clear this chair will last for decades. My only "complaint" (and I hesitate calling it that) is that the arms of the Modernica papa bear chair are just slightly thicker and puffier than the original. I realize I'm getting nit picky, and it's certainly not a reason to NOT buy the chair. The rest of the chair's proportions are spot on, which is no easy feat for such a curvaceous piece of furniture. Now I just need to find a way to keep the cat from sinking his claws into it.

Review for Modernica chair shock mount repair service. 2.5 stars but I'll round up for previous good experiences. I brought an early Herman Miller fiberglass side shell in to get all four shock mounts replaced. Shell had old metal prototype mounts attached. Chair was ready in about a week. They use a matte/clear epoxy to attach the mounts as opposed to black which is more visually appealing. Refinishing looked sloppy although mounts are sturdy. They did not remove all of the old epoxy or re-finish the fiberglass under the new mounts. For the price of the restoration I had higher expectations. Mount repair cost was $75.

Let me tell you how awesome Modernica is. I have an itch for mid century modern furniture. You can say, it's an obsession that has not quite gone away since the old french boyfriend broke my freakin heart. But, not before he introduced me to the beauty of timeless design. I have a few originals. Not as many as I would like but enough to have me eating bread and cheese or ramen for weeks on end. The other pieces are from Modernica. I have a Charles Eames Replica Shell Chair in red that I purchased and good ol' crazy Sunny wanted to change the shell to another color, broke the chair and was heartbroken once again. I took it over to the manufacturer in downtown and guess what... He took one look at me, smiled, and gave me a brand new chair. Modernica makes the best quality replicas you will ever find. When you know that $3000 original is way beyond your reach, Modernica will help mend your broken heart. I love you. Quality Service and Beauty. now... if only the Frenchman had these traits...

I just had a wonderful experience at Modernica thanks to Jay and Julia who bent over backwards to make sure I left with what I had desired when I walked in.

this place is great if you are a collector of 1960's furnature. there are two Huge warehouses filled with goods so, bring the moneys!!!!!

Beware the new Alpine Bed. It looks great and is also featured at Design Within Reach, but is completely unusable due to the smell. We received ours in mid-Dec. A month later, the bed parts are still in our spare bedroom with the window open in the dead of winter being aired out from the toxic varnish/ laquer smell. I've NEVER ordered wooden furniture before that has off gased so much! I can't imagine anyone being able to just assemble and sleep on a bed that reeks the way that this one does. What they sent us is downright toxic and will need to be aired out for at least a month more before it's usable. Overall not a good experience.

Modernica is one of the true standouts in the furniture wasteland of Los Angeles. That's how I feel after visiting what seems like hundreds of shop looking for unique, cool, new (not used), artistic, quality furniture pieces. I give the company and it's furniture 5 stars, but need to give the showroom itself only 4 because of only two very minor things: 1) nothing has price tags (thus forcing you to act if you really like something) and 2) I wish there was 20x the amount of items! Never fear though, the staff is friendly and accessible. What most folks may not realize (or care) is that the furniture here is not cheap knock offs made in China. Modernica's furniture is detailed replicas and original designs hand crafted in good old Los Angeles. The pricing may be a little bit more, but considering the quality I think their prices are rock bottom cheap. Compare the replicas to the originals from Herman Miller, and you are saving 50%, and they are just as good or better. That is not true of all the knock-off replicas you can buy at Ashley or Plummers.. All in all, a great furniture store if you want to appreciate what you are buying.

I bought four dowel base bar stools from Modernica, and they look amazing. Fantastic quality, very comfortable, and add a pop of color to any space. The girls who work there were helpful and addressed my concerns about the chairs' height immediately, offering to customize them to fit my counter height ($45 per chair). The execution was perfect. ...and the delivery was free! I love the fact that the chairs are made locally, and do not mind paying extra. I will be ordering two more chairs soon.

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